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    That would be a raffle, and as we have no way to keep it fair or anything, (and it may violate some sort of trade laws) I have to say no. Sorry.
Thread cleaned up. Stick to the clothes (and guns, I guess, within the topic), and keep the politics in CE.   And please don't report threads about specific types of clothing to me as political trolling. It's not my job to deal with your neuroses.
Millimeters and centimeters are different things, by a factor of 10. Don't get upset because people don't believe your wrist is 14 millimeters around. Unless you are a fetus - in which case I don't know why you need a watch - you are wrong.
Re: the PMs:         See if waiting a bit before sending a PM helps at all with this problem. It should be fixed soon in any case.
Sorry about that, I saw a bunch of posts in quick succession, with links and broken English, and spaminated on reflex. He should be back to normal (?) now.
Is this with any image you try? BB editor or the Rich Text? Where do you see that error code exactly?  
    Thanks for getting Careless Whisper stuck in my head.     It's probably because we had them turn off the Facebook picture = avatar feature, figuring a lot of people wouldn't want their FB picture of their actual self to replace their SF avatar. Yeah, it's there, and I think it looks strange, but they wanted to pay for it. Doesn't displace any text or make flashy things happen, so whatever. Must be some subliminal thing. I hate that. It's been happening to me on...
No idea.
Oh. I hadn't looked at the blog in a long time and didn't see anyone mention that that was posted in this thread. If rumors are true, very sad. I can't tell you how many spam reports I got on KB posts from new members who just didn't get it. He's an institution here.
  As of today:    
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