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Thanks Zach. Some speedier than others.
thanks all.
There has been a lot of good/painful reminiscing already. Two of the dead were real showmen and have hundreds of friends who are good at putting on a show no matter what. And the cafe community reaches far and wide so there has been a lot of support.   I just heard that Len, the only one who survived being shot, was moved out of the ICU and is able to stand and talk. He is very depressed and has all kinds of screws in his jaw and missing teeth. It will be a long...
Thank you. Every bit helps.
Thanks Ed.
Hi all. After a few weeks of hanging out here more and trying to make myself poast again, I've been away for the last week or so.    You may have heard about the shooting rampage in Seattle in a cafe. That cafe is my home away from home, and those were my friends who got killed and wounded. Though I wasn't super close with any of them, I have hung out at their houses, they at mine, gone camping with them, watched them play music, and had plenty of long talks and...
I can't do it, but I will find out.
Iroh, get out of here.
BTW, I wore a black suit, because Jesse told me it was a good idea. Luckily, this kept me from being photographed, the awful green cast of my outfit ruining the color balance of those around me.
It was really incredible to see this whole thing manifest in real life. Great to meet all the people I did meet (some I have known for 10+ years ), and regret that I couldn't meet everyone, or talk very long with some. Hopefully next time I will see you all again and meet more of you. Thanks so much to Fok, Mark, Gus, Kevin, Jesse, and all the SF local dudes who helped make this possible, and not least all the vendors who dragged their boxes and cases long distances to...
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