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I put in a request to see if images could be clickable-thumbnailed or spoilered by default in quotes. We will see what can be done. Most likely it can't be changed for a while at least because it would be a change to the editor(s) and I believe they are working on a whole new system for that. Hopefully it can be put in the wish list though.
AFAIK pool table felt is worsted wool and nylon. Not much different in texture from the worsted wool flannel that is used for some ties.
Ah, thanks. Never read much Steinbeck.   I like to think that things can rise and fall and rise again many times. I guess I should read it to find out how the talisman was lost.
  Your paraphrase is not accurate as it applies to me. I agree now and did then that there were serious problems and that we needed to do something about them, but some stuff does take care of itself, and some stuff can't be fixed from the top down. But I have been falling down on my job for a very long time. I'm sorry for that, I'm certainly not proud of it, but handling this became overwhelming. With the changeover to Huddler (which I still consider a net positive from...
Everyone in here please shut up about someone's god damn teeth and stop being nasty. I'm going to start smacking down when I see this stuff. Keep it to constructive criticism and treat each other like you would want to be treated. Already handed out a couple of week timeouts for the tie thing and the teeth comments. Please don't make me have to enforce on you.
You are welcome. We try.
Things go in cycles. I don't think MC is doomed, but I don't think it is perfect. Conditions there are obviously inhospitable to some people we would prefer to have stay, even at the expense of thousands of non-quality posters. The solutions are not obvious but we are discussing options and implementing some things immediately. One of the things is to get all the mods up to speed and on the same page in terms of the moderating attitude we prefer here, and how to handle...
Great in theory, but I think a nightmare to police in practice.   How about this - Mutually Assured Destruction. Butthurt people can time out anyone they feel is picking on them, but they will have to take the same timeout of their account and IP range(s). Circumvention earns permaban.
I appreciate you (all) looking out for stuff that is over the line.   Right now, we just don't have the collective time to read all the threads or even all the thread titles, especially in DT where I don't really want to get engrossed in anything. So things get missed more than they used to. I used to be able to read every single thread on this forum (granted, only up until 8 years ago or so) but now it's too active to do that. I used to have the time to correct spelling...
Del-Toro, please get out of this thread. Thanks.
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