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My girlfriend (ex-Jewish) doesn't eat shrimp and hasn't totally warmed up to pork yet either. We met some friends at dim sum and there was almost nothing she would eat. Kind of awkward, but at least she didn't pick through anything and ruin it, which sounds inexcusable.   I do wish there were a little guide for each dish on what you are supposed to do, because I know I'm often doing it wrong.
  Sorry, I didn't have time last night to type out the whole guidelines for the DH 'program'. I will write it today and mass-PM everyone. Basically, the way the system was meant to work was supposed to make your threads more like blog posts in terms of moderation. You can delete comments you feel are derailing the conversation or not relevant. We would prefer you err on the side of lenience, but it is mostly up to you. Please only use your powers on your own threads,...
  I dunno, whatever channel they show rap videos and girls' beach volleyball on? I don't have real cable anymore.
I didn't give you the TO, but it doesn't really matter exactly which thing of many it was. More likely it was the preponderance of the evidence that you don't care to follow a simple rule.   I'm not going to try to set in stone what "the line" is, but I think a reasonable guideline would be, "would the person pictured be arrested on a normal, American public beach?" or "would this be allowed on regular cable TV?" If not, don't post it, not even in spoiler tags.
It's a pain in the ass to keep editing naked girls out of your posts. I suspect he was fed up and timed you out. You know the rules, follow them.
Just trust Dear Leader on this one. Nothing worth seeing, or trying to unsee.
Jayvn got a week for posting a direct link to (gross) porn. He's also been tossed from the CE entirely.
There is no explanation, just forgot to do it. Please use your new powers only for good and not for evil.   Re non-moderation of your previous posts - it is generally not done to step into a fight that both parties seem to be enjoying.
Familiarity with its manufacture is a prerequisite (and a perquisite) of the mod job.
  Of course there are lots of people who would like to have the power to step in and "stop things", but not everyone who would like it should have it. IMO most people who want power (whatever their ostensible motives, public or private) are exactly the sort who should never have it. And as MrG said, it's not as easy as just getting some new buttons. You have to reconsider all your activities on the site, past and future. You have to learn the way sausage is made. It could...
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