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Kaplan or anyone else having the IE issue, can you tell me, when you click on the newest post link, does your address bar URL read like   or like   I think it is redirecting weirdly and losing the post target part of the URL.
  I will let you know what they say. It definitely sucks on IE.
I wish we could get feedback as to which ads people block, and feed it upstream. Maybe someday.
Sorry, I got them mixed up. And yeah, I need to reply more in here. And yeah, sort of ironic, I would prefer the whole internet without ads, including here, but if we didn't have them, we wouldn't be here. I do have SF whitelisted so I can see and report annoying ads though.
Just so you guys know, all complaints and suggestions are relayed up the chain of command, or if already complained about, sometimes re-complained. Unfortunately, I am not much good at harping, finding it very depressing, and it doesn't help anyway. Things get fixed when they get fixed, which can be quite a while sometimes, or right away on occasion.   Kaplan: tell your friend we don't delete accounts because it leaves confusing holes in content, and doesn't delete...
Still waiting to hear back about it. Pinged them the other day. Apparently not. We are waiting on that feature. Because Google doesn't like boobs and they serve up the ads in Entertainment.
Helpful life tip: Don't "buy" a frigging Macbook from a completely random person online, who has no history anywhere.  If I had no morals, I would just set up shop selling Macbooks and taking people's money $1000+ at a time. Seems like a lucrative business.
Right, I had spaced out on what we called them.
Some members are set as sort of 'super flaggers' where, if they flag a post as spam, the post is immediately hidden from view and sent to the mod queue for review. Not sure if that was your question, but either way, now you know.
I specifically said somewhere (I think in the 'what I'm selling on ebay' thread) that the thread was not meant to be the only place ebay listed items are allowed. Obviously most people only post ebay things as listings when they would appeal to the audience here, but as long as they aren't overrunning the place with irrelevant stuff, and they are following the rules (BIN price must be listed as the price) then it's fine. Think of it another way: all listings here are BIN...
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