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I think the post text was just bumped up a px or two. There will definitely be some tweaking for a while.   Thank you all for not freaking out.
Thanks, that is good info. Forwarding it along right now.
Does it work in another browser? There was a similar issue with some browsers and the posts-per-page option being other than default, a while back. Thought it was fixed though.
For example, this is how the lower thingy looks in Chrome for me (clearly unacceptable):     and in FF:       I'm going to mess with Cleartype settings, but I'm hoping we can do something top-down to fix or work around this issue. Readability is obviously one of the most important considerations in a forum.
I'm not suggesting a workaround here, but I think a lot of the text probs are attributable to Chrome:!topic/chrome/9wFH2Sv3Lz8 I agree it looks pretty bad on Chrome. For me FF fixes all the text except some that is too light in color.   I'm hoping we can compile a list of stuff to work on and then design around these problems ASAP. It won't be today though.
Ah, okay. I will report it. Didn't understand what was wrong. Thanks.
I've seen it reported but it's not reproducible for me. Can you please try another browser and see if it still happens? Some details will help get it fixed.
Could you guys please try it in a different browser? I'm not getting any error message. Today's update was pretty much all aesthetic, there wasn't time to address any other glitches, unfortunately. We've been pretty wrapped up with that for a while.
The contrast is definitely lower in places, and we will probably make some adjustments soon. I think some of the text is too light as well.
I'm not quite sure what you are describing. Can you tell me like I'm a three-year-old so I can report it properly, please? Yeah, good question. Where is that button now. Hmm.
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