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Haven't seen it, but there should not be any with sound. We are still trying to get these filtered out. I will report it.    
From within Facebook settings, remove the connection under Privacy > Apps and Websites > Edit Settings.
Yeah, it's 3, isn't it?   I played through the leaked beta and thought it was pretty awesome... then wasted a bunch of time playing halfway through Mass Effect 2. I realized it was screwing up my attitude/life, I was staying inside on sunny days and spending too much time on it. Just uninstalled it yesterday (pretty awesome game too, but I don't care about any other races than human, so the story was too spacey for me). Anyway, I think I'm going to wait a couple...
All the above bugs are being looked into.   On the ICs, My thinking is that if you are able to get the items at the price you list in the listing, and are willing to sell them at the price, then you should be able to post an IC as a tentative for sale ad. If it is one of those BS feeler type "hmm, if someone offered me $10k I would part with this" type of ICs, just put up a BS FS ad at your ridiculous price, but don't be tentative about it. Before we make a ruling,...
I have reported the 502 thing.
This seems to be fixed now.
Can you start one in another forum? Also, please do try clearing your cache and cookies, and restarting your browser. This tends to fix some things, especially after a release (yesterday).   I will look into it. I assume you were getting them up until... yesterday? Today? Just to be sure, they are not in your spam folder or anything, right? Whee!   On the positive side of this upgrade, if you go into 'preferences' (just under thread title in this thread, or in your...
I was able to replicate this - I will submit it as a bug. Thanks. I'm not seeing any difference between Frontpage and anywhere else. Have you cleared your cache/temp files/cookies and restarted your browser? I will report it if we can replicate it.  
I can't reproduce this. Can you clear your browser cache and cookies and see if it happens again? Also, what OS/browser?   The stats only run every 24 hours IIRC. You should be shown in the biggest losers list tomorrow.   I don't see a way for me to do that, so I doubt you can do that either. Must do whilst starting.    
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