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  I have asked for that, waiting to hear back.
Sorry, I can't read this thread regularly or my bank account will take a beating. Used to be one of my favorites. Carry on, fascist humanists.
There is a time limit on editing posts.
I agree, will be requested. Different color, outline, something.
No, you read it correctly, I couldn't replicate the issue. I tried sorting B&S and it worked totally fine. On two browsers. In any case, it had already been reported up the chain and is already mostly fixed, and should be fine on Wednesday. I'm sorry it took so long, but really, there is nothing Fok or I can do except report things and try to be patient. I can't just pop into the back end and start wrenching around anymore.   The forum "doesn't work" because things keep...
I'm told this will be included in the fixes on Wednesday.
Same for me, I have reported it.
Everyone please lay off with the insults and bickering. Get back to the subject at hand and play nice.
I agree, I have added that to our list of demands.   In other news, no non-consensual mom insults outside of DT, please. Bhowie has a week to think it over.
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