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Not much, dog.
Thanks, very helpful report.
Thanks. Hopefully they can get it figured out.
Reported up the chain. They are supposed to be blocking adverstitial entirely.  @Piobaire can you tell me what part of the site you were on when it happened? That would help a lot.
Fixed, thanks.     Base membership (free with site membership for registered members) must be a member for 15 days or longer can have 15 classifieds open at a time can bump items every 7 days The 4-Day Bumper ($1 for 9 days) can have 15 classifieds open at a time (no posting requirements) can bump items every 4 days   The 2-Day Bumper ($1 for 3 days) can have 15 classifieds open at a time (no posting...
I'm here, why?
I'm not really clear on what is going on. I tried a smiley and a spoiler and they were fine.   I will put a smiley after this sentence.    And a spoiler after this one:  testing   [[SPOILER]]   So it looks like you can't put a spoiler on the same line as other text, which should be fixed, but what was your problem exactly? 
Not sure if this is an easy thing to get to, but   Should get you a regular listing of your subscribed threads, more like the forum style view.   I think if you click the 'threads' tab at the top of the list after 'subscriptions' it should stay that way, at least it is for me.
I think that 'per page' setting is only for the editing function. It unfortunately doesn't apply to the regular display mode. I've asked if that could be added.
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