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Received the Mabitex pants. Very nice and quick shipping. Would recommend the seller.
The Tom Ford shirt is beautiful.
Michael Bastian polo shirts. The logo is silly. You will never wear the shirt. I didn't. It became a donation.
Wow. Nice price. These are the high end Testoni shoes. The relevant part is not the black label label; but the actual design of the label. Black label also applies to the lower end Testoni shoes. Shoes are small for me. Darn.
Nice shoes. A little small.
Please confirm the shirts are NWOT. It appears that the second shirt was washed. Perhaps, worn one or twice? Have the shirts been washed? If yes, how many times? Thanks.
Received the "Kicking Mule Workshop 2010 Regular Wash". Quick shipping and nice jeans. Okay, they are a little tight; but, I can work them in. Happy customer.
Full retail price of $210. Well worn and stained (and a few additional holes) price of $150. Amazing.
Amazing. H&M and Target shirts for sale. What a forum. From new Kiton shirts at one end and used shirts from Target at the other.
Quote: Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck Just an idea--and mods, obviously feel free to shoot this down--but I think users (not sellers) should take a little more initiative in giving out bumps .... SF users could benefit from the thread getting bumped to a more visible spot, give the seller a bump. Bad idea.
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