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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles +1. Also, it's not just about getting enough. I don't care as long as I get it a three days a week (more than 3x thought), because I am so busy at work and I usually do not have too much time for girlfriends during the week. What has forced me to end relationships has been when I just stopped being turned on bya particular girl in bed. I still loved her, and really enjoyed spending time with her more than with...
A tribe called quest
I think you did the right thing.
If im eating instant oatmeal, Bananas and Cream If i'm making my own, cinn. and some light brown sugar. If I'm feeling a little wild I'll cut up an apple and throw it in there. What is everyones take on Farina? I'm a big fan of that as well.
I had a similar idea for a Valentines day gift to my girlfriend. I was going to schedule a photo shoot for her and use the best pictures to make a calender and a big poster of herself
I have been dealing with my hairline since I was 19. My father and two older brothers have all chosen to go bald but I refuse. My question after the hair transplant procedure can I go to the barber shop like normal ?
I make a fruit smoothie: 1/2 cup of pineapple 1 small banana Ice Fat free, Lactose free milk. If im feeling greedy I might add some whole wheat toast as well.
As far as when im going down on my girl. I prefer the fresh out the shower puss. When she hasn't taken a shower she has these very handy wipes that she uses.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Almost always shower after poop, not always before sex the chicks like the sweaty ballz. This is true.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Not only are Noo Yorkers annoying for thinking that NYC is everything, but now we are debating a friggin street name. Get over yourself, you are not the center of the universe. Nothing like a little new york hate to perk me up on a friday morning anyways: I say 6th, most New Yorkers say the numbers. I very really hear anyone saying Adam Clayton Powell blvd.
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