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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 a lot of people rave about halodrol but halotestin was the most toxic shit i have ever taken. Halodrol wasn't halo, it was basically Oral Turnabol if im not mistaken. Fyi, superdrol has been known to give some ppl gyno, and there has been a lot of discussion about it being related to progesterone. Might want to have some prami on hand. I loved epistane.
dirty love...touch my bass
Quote: Originally Posted by Hayling My 2001 Honda Prelude. Fun daily driver. Obviously I'm just a poor college student so this isn't very impressive compared to a lot of cars on here, but it's mine and I like it This pic was from my road trip from Maryland to the Florida Keys late last year. +1 on the jdm fogs...sold mine for a profit after i got rid of my 01ebp...miss that car!
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 lol, its that 150 hp engine, yearning to be unleashed.. 271, available 6 speed. Just saying...they have improved.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vito I don't mind ordering a more expensive beer when I'm at a restaurant or a bar, and I definitely won't be a cheapskate if I'm taking a woman out for drinks or dinner. But if I'm just drinking a few beers at home by myself or hanging out with good people, cheap beer is the way to go. Most of my friends are the same way, and it's not a matter of money. The wealthiest dude in my social circle (a small business owner who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vito Buying cheap beer. My dad always drank the cheapest brew he could find, and seriously did not give a fuck what anybody else thought about it or said about it. I went through my "beer snob" phase during the 1990s, when I drank only microbrews or expensive imports. After that I switched to classic American brews such as Miller High Life, Budweiser, and Rolling Rock. But in the past year I've been drinking two really...
what did you all spend? I have a small gland issue on one side thats driving me nuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Should be pretty straightforward. Couple of suggestions: Used tinned wire (Ancor or equliv)- I don't know what was originally put in so you'd have to look at it. If it's oxidized, replace it. heatshrink or silicone the connections (or both) Keep the speakers away from your compass/fluxgate - in fact all DC should be twisted pair if within 5' of a compass or fluxgate. Jensen and IIRC JBL have phenolic cone...
how was the DC stretching?
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Nutz! I remember seeing pics of last years flooding down there ( Maybe from you). We have fixed docks but the Lake has been so low in recent years that we need a ladder to get down to the boat. Well, got the wiring done and everything works. They should have the masts stepped by Wednesday. (Mebbe I should x-post on Manly Things thread.) I should have taken pics of what I pulled out- 18 ga. cables, no strain relief (...
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