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FYI about target shirts, their normal cotton fitted shirt in a size L is a 16.5x 34, has double button barell cut across cuffs, and is aggressively fitted at the waist, no pocket. for 20 bucks, im impressed with the one that i bought offline, because it wont require any alterations. There is a chick on ebay that sells white linen PS, that she sews into a regular tv fold (and other silly styles), and they are like 8 bucks.
I think I may go pick up a black tie with white dots today...i think it would help a lot without being a major investment. The only reason i even own a solid black tie was for a funeral. Didn't think this was going to be such a big thread!
found a pic: bad?
sorry, forgot to mention no vest. agree that would look retarded, just the regular jacket and pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung This is confirmation that the idea that women instinctively know style is a lie. If you are wearing a tan/beige/stone/khaki suit with black shoes and a black tie, you will look like a douche. Keep your yap shut if you don't know what you're talking about. No, I know this, she suggests bad shit all the time and loves square toe shoes etc. I tried it on and I wasn't sure, the navy was what I had in...
Its hot as shit here in florida.
Girlfriend got me a stone colored cotton suit (very light in color). Modern cut jacket, flat front pants. this is it....I think she did pretty good for $200. Event is a wedding on friday. She is wearing a black dress, wants me to wear a black tie and black shoes with this outfit. Will this look ridiculous? All of my better shoes are black (i have a single monk and a wingtip that are decent, which ones?),...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll There are situations in which people say, "mister (first name)." This is true, we have some hispanic people that do work for us that refer to my father that way.
I got an email today asking if something was posted on the front page of our website. Its been there for months. And the question came via EMAIL!
Quote: Originally Posted by suitsusid Personally i would never wear a t shirt under a collared shirt, if guys are worried about sweating under the arm.use 'dryclor' a product that prevents sweating under the arms, i use it once a week (stings like hell though). I used to sweat profusely years ago i would never wear coloured shirts esp blue in the summer months for this reason until i used this stuff and it does work. what is this stuff exactly?
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