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physical therapy assistant...should be able to get this done quickly and make good money anywhere...i agree with all of the people talking about getting certifications...if i could go back, i would do this..and still might.
I love the Kirkland AND Louis XIII in the same pic. The bottle is supposed to be waterford crystal or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 There are often work/career related reasons for this. +1 this is part of why i have a short beard, 60-70% of my clients are 50+ oh, and i wear boat shoes almost all the time, and it was very common in college. caveat, I live in the south (well, actually, we all know florida isn't really the south) and work in the boating industry.
I wasn't sure what the rules on that were, like if you were definitely not supposed to or something like that. First experiment with suede caps...
Just bought a pair of brown suede shoes...what belt do i wear with these? I've seen someone do it with a suede belt on WAYWRN, but it was with jeans, and they seem to be difficult to find. Most of the pics have jackets so I can't figure out what other people are doing.
Well, if anyone cares, heres how it turned out. At his request, I taught my buddy how to tie a half windsor at the wedding, he is in the army and their regulation knot is the four in hand, and thats all he ever learned!
bonobos from what ive heard are meant to flatter larger thighs/butt, so you can order your size and have it fit properly. I think they average either a bit under or a bit over your budget.
FYI about target shirts, their normal cotton fitted shirt in a size L is a 16.5x 34, has double button barell cut across cuffs, and is aggressively fitted at the waist, no pocket. for 20 bucks, im impressed with the one that i bought offline, because it wont require any alterations. There is a chick on ebay that sells white linen PS, that she sews into a regular tv fold (and other silly styles), and they are like 8 bucks.
I think I may go pick up a black tie with white dots today...i think it would help a lot without being a major investment. The only reason i even own a solid black tie was for a funeral. Didn't think this was going to be such a big thread!
found a pic: bad? http://images.jcrew.com/erez4/cache/...c09d8517e1.jpg
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