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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Haha, "hell dad". Now, that's a pretty gay fraternity term. It wasn't serious, it was more of something for traditions sake, the term had been used in my chapter since at least the 60s, but they never actually did anything...I believe its no longer in use.
Mary Poppins FTW
Quote: Originally Posted by Staver Currently a member of Beta Theta Pi. Miami Univerisity - Alpha Chapter. Having the best time of my life. You simply can't beat the friends you will make, the parties you will go to, the girls you will meet, and the connections you will make. Quote: Originally Posted by JT82 +100. Beta Theta Pi To this day, my closest friends. We still take trips to Vegas, and the occasional long...
what type of information are you looking for specifically? certain boards have their "specialty" anabolicminds - grey market supplements/prohormones/peptides professionalmuscle- adult discussion, fewer kids and bickering, pros post there, smallish, easier to keep up with musclemayhem- used to be really good back in the day anabolex- big steroid board getbig-children and gossip, usually best to avoid bodybuilding.com- lots of high school drama IMO
only crowns if i were to bother...trojans are fucking terrible
my parents had a steath one built into the floor in the house they built, i dont remember much about it, other than it would have been a giant pain to find it even if you knew reasonably where to look...you had to peel up some carpet and there was a false floor over it.
stat i heard: chance of survial- U.S. 92%, chance of survival- canada 50%. thats crazy.
my guess is regular amphetamines just like pilots, etc....hell i would, life depends on it. coke wouldn't last long enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A The dinners leading up to the balls are more fun. At the ball you (1) sneak away to the room your friend's dad rented upstairs (since the ball is in a fancy hotel) with your girl and 2 others, (2) meet up with two of your friends (3) do a lot of coke and (4) talk at least one of the girls into showing her your tits while your friend snaps pics. At least this is what I heard people do. I have no direct...
i heard from a SA that the nordstrom MTM were going for like a hundo during their sale, might be worth asking.
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