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what is triangle? p.s. mine is obvious.
I think Luca was going to kill one of the tattaglia kids, and sonny wanted to go to war, even though it was really barzini that ordered the hit.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomcreo CTS-V. Give it a try. Here's one, but you can get them in the low 20's. This is also on my shortlist, along with the GTO.
literally cant imagine my life if i hadn't done it.
Quote: Originally Posted by tc6 Great cars to drive, awesome handling, great design. TERRIBLE ride. If you can put up with a really rough ride, it's definitely worth looking into. The G35 is a good alternative also, a few more creature comforts, better ride, but handling isn't as good as a Z. I have been driving a lifted truck for the last 5 years...i am amazingly tired of dealing with bouncing all over the place. That said, i can clearly...
I am a boob guy. Current ladyfriend has the smallest size rack of any chick I have ever dated (B)...and they are basically perfect/awesome. Quality over quantity. plus i would think they are less likely to move/sag in the future...
Good advice on here, and I agree with only going with the higher end speakers if you have the amplification to support it (i.e. the mb quarts) Honestly, Crutchfield was great back in the day before i had the resources to have installs done for me (and they exceeded my skill level). Changing out speakers should be something you can handle. Eclipse CD5000 Diamond D6 Components 1x Treo SSI10''
Does anyone have thoughts on the 350z? I am seeing them in my area 2004ish with 35-40k miles for around 15 grand...seeming like too good of a deal to pass up.
better than the stupid dead whale on my coast...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I fucking HATE svedka with passion +1 svedka fucking sucks. Canadian Mist or Seagrams 7 are my Go-Tos. Busch Light is pretty underrated. $8 for 18pk. I can vouch for this new "Viking" Vodka. $32 for 1.75L
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