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doesn't look good to me, and im pretty tolerant, think ill skip this one.
Add your favorites, ill start with one we were talking about this weekend: "Would you rather LOST end, or NEVER end?" ill throw up a few more after work.
the board game "apples to apples" is fun to play as a drinking game, as is "would you rather" which is probably one of my favorite games to play in general, i.e. "would you rather LOST end,.....or NEVER end!"
Quote: Originally Posted by eidolon At each part I bolded I actually laughed audibly. I pretty much never laugh out loud reading something on the internet, I just smile to myself, so I pretty surprised by this in general. I'm not going to dissect your program or write a thesis because I do not have the energy, but I'll try and give you something since I really try not to be an asshole: (1) Brad Pitt in Fight Club was rail-thin, which was evidenced by...
bb.com is almost entirely retards and children. OK for beginners i guess, but you will grow tired of it. What are you looking to learn? Different boards are tend to specialize in different things. There are drug forums, research chemical forums, exotic supplement forums, bodybuilding gossip, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by nickG any one have expericence w/ charles tyrwhitt's slim shirts? they're having an online clearance sale and was wanting some feedback before i spend money on a shirt i cant try on. thanks according to the online measurements they provide, they aren't what i would call slim...even their language calls them "slimmer". This has prevented me from ordering there. Max waist size that they list is 42, for me, I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Yes, but it still sucks to live in Dubai. does it?
I like his random stuff, but I was severely disappointed by TC3. He puts outs something ridiculous like 2 tracks a week on underground, and a ton of them are good, but lollipop was the only good track IMO that made it onto the carter. I have no idea why they put the tracks on there that they did, but im really glad i didn't buy it.
zapco....someone knows what they are doing )
Image dynamics= underrated. I looked into ID for my setup, but I am downfiring under a bench seat, so dimensions weren't going to work for what I was doing.
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