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Anyone have any experience with stingray? Ive heard its incredibly durable. I'm considering either getting one of those or a credit card holder combined with a money clip (clip money around credit card holder, to keep it all together)
Points taken...thats actually my issue, I want nicer shoes than I should wear with what I want to wear them with. Id get more miles out of better black shoes for now and get more casual brown shoes for casual wear. I appreciate all of this feedback gentlemen, very helpful welcome to the forum!
well, Im trying to steer away from rubber soles and get grown-up shoes, but those look fairly sharp actually. I saw some shoes the other day thay were a combo leather sole, but with a layer of rubber on the bottom, I thought that was an interesting idea.
those look great, but whats with the rubber sole?
I really like the first ones, but in a lighter color. What is is that makes it a bulcher exactly?
*first post. I have been reading for a while though, ran a search and couldn't find what I was looking for: I'd like to invest in a pair of shoes to wear with khakis, tan/light brown color. Basically my question is, how nice of a pair of shoes can I wear without looking silly? I figure something like a cap toe is too much for something so casual, but I'd prefer to get something lace up (I probably need a pair of slip on shoes as well). Whats the classiest I...
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