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Be advised the Ultra pool bathroom at MGM has cameras in it.
I cant get over 414 hp with only 300 trq, when i drive with my buddy it just seems like he really has to get on it to get it to go (into the scary territory) This coming from a CTSV driver, which i bought explicitly to not have to get on it to get it to move...I don't want to have to wind my engine that high.
Here it is:
Just got a great deal on a 05 CTSV...which is basically my dream car (small timer) 4 doors, big trunk, 6 speed...395 ft/lbs trq.... silver over black
Quote: Originally Posted by eqpablon I completely agree. I think the smallest "boat" Burger makes is 83 ft long; which would require a crew. What's the largest size boat you could pilot without the necessity of having a crew? IMO thirty something range to low forties if you are good, the main thing is trying to dock by yourself if you don't have help. Got rid of a 54' because its just not manageable for day boating. great for taking out 20...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Im not sure if its the same one but when I was working in Nantucket I went where the Yachts stay and saw one that was like that. All Black with tinted windows. It was huge. Prolly the biggest one out there at the time. Had about a 15-20 person crew on board. It was crazy beautiful. No shit. With a few people just cleaning full time!
This is what the girls told me to pick.
This is why we can't have nice things. Can I be the first to say "you can drink winny?!"
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