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Quote: Originally Posted by eqpablon I completely agree. I think the smallest "boat" Burger makes is 83 ft long; which would require a crew. What's the largest size boat you could pilot without the necessity of having a crew? IMO thirty something range to low forties if you are good, the main thing is trying to dock by yourself if you don't have help. Got rid of a 54' because its just not manageable for day boating. great for taking out 20...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Im not sure if its the same one but when I was working in Nantucket I went where the Yachts stay and saw one that was like that. All Black with tinted windows. It was huge. Prolly the biggest one out there at the time. Had about a 15-20 person crew on board. It was crazy beautiful. No shit. With a few people just cleaning full time!
This is what the girls told me to pick.
This is why we can't have nice things. Can I be the first to say "you can drink winny?!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I have a friend who's a pharmacist in Arizona, and according to him, these guys aren't getting the coin that others are. Ive heard the opposite, but it depends on the chain, ive heard that at Publix (southeast regional chain) that they are trying to really grow their pharm dept. and are paying accordingly. The stories of big signing bonuses and sometimes cars and stuff seem to be true.
buy online, they are usually running a sale with a promo if you buy 4 shirts etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Swag22 This is the second time for us. The first was devastating, and I was the one who did it. I couldn't eat anything. I'd vomit up what I could get down. Lost like 10 pounds in a few months. I feel extremely alone right now. I couldn't summon up the energy to hit the gym like I usually do everyday. I have a lingering anxiety when I think about all day. The feeling I get in the morning as a wake up is horrible. I can't...
Quote: Originally Posted by martijnnum1 a really old fiat might look into a corolla, should be cheaper to insure than a civic.
Its not so much that its fast...its the 3.15 ratio and the 325#lb torque! Anyway, watch out for steering vibration, typically at 55mph. This is a known PITA of this chassis and there are multiple theories related to tie rod wear, wheel torque etc. Love this car personally, but not looking into getting into german maintenance $. I was looking at this car in depth but am leaning towards previous gen Caddy CTSV
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