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First, I am pro steroid, for people that want to do it, but I don't want to watch baseball become a "who can take the most winny" competition or something, thats when stuff gets out of hand. Particularly for the people who don't want to do it feeling like they have to do it to be competitive. Its a slippery slope when it becomes less of an individual choice. Esp with morons who dont know what to take and how.
Quote: Originally Posted by malat If you can catch them during a sale, their 1MX shirts are great "party" shirts. The slim fit is pretty well cut, and at 5 for $100, they are hard to beat if you're looking for modern shirts that you can trash on the weekends. exactly this above. besides, you can get nwt producer pants on ebay for 15-30 bucks. not a lot of room to complain. Their stuff happens to fit me well, and i dont expect it to be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Just look at Amy Reid, for example. If you insist!
i recommend liquor in waterbottles, drinks are $. Don't use the internet, there are actual human girls to interact with on the cruise. Carnival is known for having chicks that are DTF. I recommend the waterslide, particularly if it is broadcasting a live feed on channel 12 in the room tvs. May want to tip your room attendant the first day, they will take care of you. (ice always filled, clean your shit, not steal) Make friends with the chicks that work on the...
Ben Roethlisberger must be really bad at fucking, because everyone's always complaining about it.
Be advised the Ultra pool bathroom at MGM has cameras in it.
I cant get over 414 hp with only 300 trq, when i drive with my buddy it just seems like he really has to get on it to get it to go (into the scary territory) This coming from a CTSV driver, which i bought explicitly to not have to get on it to get it to move...I don't want to have to wind my engine that high.
Here it is:
Just got a great deal on a 05 CTSV...which is basically my dream car (small timer) 4 doors, big trunk, 6 speed...395 ft/lbs trq.... silver over black
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