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haha yes. Red Stripe probably isn't very Muslim either.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan And he attends the University of Florida. Stupid affirmative action. First Clarence Thomas, now this. Right now, a hard-working white person could be wearing jean shorts and fapping to posters of Tim Tebow instead of this shiftless black guy. Fun Fact: Mitch is also in the Tim Tebow documentary thing that aired a while back. Small world.
Lingenfelter Intake and Exhaust. Have a pretty good stereo from last car, but not sure I feel like spending what it is going to cost to install (its fairly involved). Next: rebuild trans w/ upgraded synchros etc., anti wheel hop kit (already cant get power to ground, so first thing is first), short shifter (stock is dreadful). Maybe long tube headers.
with your build, check out bonobos.com its geared to fit people with your build...not slim fit, but flattering cuts like they know you aren't "skinny"
Silly Obama, there aren't fouls in street ball.
Go to the dog park and buy people's pets just to be a dick. "hey, sweet chocolate lab" "yeah she's great" "I'll give you 15k in cash right now for her."
Maybe try throwing a neg at meeting time... i.e. where the heck are you? You aren't wearing something goofy like that girl in the zebra dress are you? answer: no silly, im by the back bar in the black peacoat. location and description solved.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS A good yacht should have a retractable helipad that lowers the helicopter into the boat and locks the entrance above it, in order to ensure that the helicopter is fully protected, plus it'll make for a kick ass sight to boot! Jon. I've seen one that not only lowers, it lowers and then slides inwards something like 6-8' because the owner was simply unwilling to stretch the stern out a little extra to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Wait. Your solution to sales/use tax avoidance is to make it more regressive? I don't think he's being judged solely because he avoided the tax. He's being judged because he is perceived as a member of a group that supports big-government-style taxation, but he apparently went out of his way to avoid paying certain taxes. Whether that's a fair characterization is a matter of debate, but, given the nature of the...
Practically everyone does this at this level of $ transaction (im in the boating industry) It is increasingly common to set up LLCs or foreign based companies to operate the vessel. Huge maritime law/tax specialists in Ft. Lauderdale and other common boating hubs to set these up. What more states need to do is say.... look, how about a little bit of something rather than nothing of a lot. Cap it at 20-25k sales tax to make it worth it not to go through the hassle of...
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