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Lingenfelter Intake and Exhaust. Have a pretty good stereo from last car, but not sure I feel like spending what it is going to cost to install (its fairly involved). Next: rebuild trans w/ upgraded synchros etc., anti wheel hop kit (already cant get power to ground, so first thing is first), short shifter (stock is dreadful). Maybe long tube headers.
with your build, check out its geared to fit people with your build...not slim fit, but flattering cuts like they know you aren't "skinny"
Go to the dog park and buy people's pets just to be a dick. "hey, sweet chocolate lab" "yeah she's great" "I'll give you 15k in cash right now for her."
Maybe try throwing a neg at meeting time... i.e. where the heck are you? You aren't wearing something goofy like that girl in the zebra dress are you? answer: no silly, im by the back bar in the black peacoat. location and description solved.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS A good yacht should have a retractable helipad that lowers the helicopter into the boat and locks the entrance above it, in order to ensure that the helicopter is fully protected, plus it'll make for a kick ass sight to boot! Jon. I've seen one that not only lowers, it lowers and then slides inwards something like 6-8' because the owner was simply unwilling to stretch the stern out a little extra to make...
This is stupid. The only way to win in this situation is to make her wonder. It pisses my ex off to no end that I'm out with other girls at bars/parties/photographs on facebook. I'm not being a dick, and I don't flaunt it in places that I know she will be...but I know she finds out because she is sketchy and asks people. Some of them I'm with, some not. THAT is how you move on, not by jumping into another relationship and bragging about simply...
So last sunday im hanging out with my buddy and his chick at the pool. He's been bitching about her and has told me today is her last day. All day this chick has no idea its coming. We go back to the house, he bangs her, breaks up with her, THEN makes her take a Plan B. Makes her swallow it in front of him. I was sitting on the couch. Taking photos.
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 What is your occupation? Yacht Tenders
Many of my clients are taking multi year trips, and as such are liveaboards during that time, but they are obviously transient. Far fewer are permanent livaboards, but I had one last week who works at a hospital and lives on his boat in the marina down the street...weird lifestyle IMO. As for costs, sailing catamarans are pretty popular, you can get a fair amount of usable living space in a small footprint, and sailing costs (and range) can be less intimidating. Also,...
funny at the bar with the guys, but i dont really consider that "public". work? you got to be kidding.
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