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The yellow is VERY yellow...I am kinda hoping that it fades. Probably wouldn't buy again. I have the grey and it is probably my favorite. Lavender is a great color too. I have green also.My recs if i were buying again: grey, navy, white, baby blue, lavender
I think its called the "elston" that people liked if you are talking about cotton, wool I don't remember anymore.
How big are you and what size are you wearing (and is this pre wash or post shrink?) Your traps are huge.
Can confirm, picked up my package at USPS today. Ordered the 18th, missed delivery the 20th at home, picked up at 9:30am at the post office the 21st. That is extremely fast processing and delivery!
Thats why I was surprised... Watch me get home and find a package waiting for me.
Uh... spam folder doesn't have anything. I placed 2 orders. Odd.
Do orders generate a confirmation email or anything? Payment went through my bank, just curious if everything is processing.
Common danger brings forth harmony. The type of stuff done has and needed to change over the last decade in particular, but the idea of putting a group of guys in a situation and having them pull through really does work in my opinion. The alcohol stuff is crap, I always thought NOT letting pledges drink was more hazing than making them. I was among the last at my chapter to go through the real process, went through a chapter reorganization, and see what its like on the...
Steak, eggs, milk. repeat.
Noone mentioned the Super Black Eagle...I shot well with that. I cant shoot doubles for shit with a pump gun. Tried it once when I was deciding what I wanted to buy and shooting whatever I could rent or borrow to get some trigger time...Never again. I found semi auto to be most comfortable.
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