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I only like taking a shit at work when the seat is still hot from the dude who just sat on it.
Charleston has B'zar. There's no point putting anything in Columbia, I went to school there and there was no interest in anything beyond American Eagle. Charlotte wouldn't be bad. Lots of good stuff going on there. I'd buy all of my clothes there if it was in Charlotte
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician So excited to see them live again. gonna throw friend on in a minute. I'm jealous. They aren't coming within 7 hours of me, and I'm just starting a new job so I can't go. I'm really excited about the new album, because if the two new songs they've played on the talk shows are any indication, it's going to be a really good one.
new Grizzly Bear songs
Baddley wears Penguin now. I also played college golf, and still play a lot of tournament golf. My advice is that if you are a new golfer to stay away from a $300 pair of classics. Golf is a funny game, where in my experience, if you are young and don't have the game to back it up, anything that makes you stand out is a bad thing. My two cents. I'd stick to DryJoys to be safe, but I am fan of the adidas Tour 360 in all white.
I don't want to believe in ghosts, but do for several reasons. For 3 years growing up, I slept on a couch in our house because I refused to sleep in my room due to the fact that in the same weekend, my best friend, while going to the bathroom saw a white shoe in the doorway, only to come downstairs and realize nobody was close to that part of the house. Then, the next night, I woke up at 3am because it felt like another person had sat down on my bed, because the mattress...
I read somewhere that the based on a true story is a combo of two things. One part was of a guy ringing doorbells in the writer's neighborhood when he was a kid and asking if some random person was there. If nobody came to the door, then he robbed the house, and the writer answered to door when the guy came to his house. The other part is based on the Manson family murders.
I don't know, but I've never considered the people who wear Abercrombie and the such as preppy. Preppy has always seemed more like a lifestyle to me than a mall brand. There's nothing preppy to me about frayed cargo shorts and a trucker hat.
Nowhere. Unless something has opened in the past few months, there is really nothing at all in Charlotte or within a 2 hour radius.
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