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i hardly post, but felt these were worth it.
TF teal - no velvet though
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 those are both pretty simple alterations. It will probably cost $25-$50 depending on where you live. excellent, ill bring them in today thx
i bought a pair of boot cut jeans that i want to take straight down from the narrowest part (knee area) and then hem it up about 1" ... how much are you guys paying and anyone have experience with outcomes good or bad?
no one?
hey guys, looking for a pair or 2 of brown loafers ... was thinking a leather and a suede, or at least two different shades of brown anyone have any suggestions for similar styled shoes as the attached, but a lesser price tag (these are both USD300+ each)
[quote=Master-Classter;4111428]light blue, beige, brown (probably best choice), or greys (second choice)... Ignore the ties but pay attention to the colors, replace with a PS, cardigan, etc. Some examples, and I'm not saying these are all good/perfect, just some ideas for colors: (as you can see I tend to generally like Spoo, NYRanger, and Gregaz's style so there's some bias there) QUOTE] I have to say, those are the guys i tend to gravitate to stylewise on this forum...
many thanks for the pics guys, gives me some ideas ... def. easier to match a fall/winter fabrics with the navy pants.
early bump for pics
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell From my wardrobe - Tan shepherd's check Tan check w/ blue overcheck Hunter green w/blue overcheck Light grey Russian twill Tan cotton or linen Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia I do most of the time. Nice look any pics guys?
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