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glad to hear you're feeling more together! this last part sounds like a great project! my sister works at the holocaust museum houston so it rings familiar
yeah but most of the developers are from america so they might really bomb a foreign based gta.. part of what makes them so great is all the nuance of the culture and characters and unless they hire a bunch of foreigners from said locale or have some really well traveled and educated team members that can help pull it together.. yeah. uk is probably the easiest. japan you would think with the large development history of the country they could pull people together to pull...
i'm thinking the guy resembles an older claude more than tommy.and it fits a bit better with the tidbits we learn about his intentions.
okay nvmd found an article that makes this make sense to me no other cities most likely just a larger different from the original los santos.. los santos. more closely resembling the real thing a la liberty city from 3 to 4. still i like the part they said it will be the largest game yet so hopefully they include tons of map area in that regard and not just some other metric of largeness. i can live with having some hills, country side and beaches if they are...
i'll be sure to check this one out. was really intrigued by the pbs frontline airing of 'the suicide tourist' a few years back but that was an american going to switzerland.
i'm trying to decipher the implications of this post and how it differentiates from the obvious..
graphics look really good for a seamless open world gta game. lighting is great and ART STYLE is through the goddamn roof like it always is. fresh and different and the potential characters and npc's all look interesting and unique. the swagger of the walks.. etc. i hope they have a huge map.. and i hope that if they are doing san andreas they include the 3 cities from before, maybe even more.. take us to mexico! but if they shrink it down to just los santos plus some...
ken burns pbs.psht.. fuggin nat geo
x1000was sitting on my friends couch where i always get stuck watching tv i wouldn't normally watch last night and had to endure one of these history channel pieces about zombies and my god i do not understand the sensationalism.well yes i do but f^%$ i hate it.
i'm near downtown houston and use the clear 4g network on my sprint phone but i stuck with a comcast connection for home computer use because it really is a completely different ballgame to try to take everything wireless. i am a heavy user between 100-200 gb per month. comcast has actually been improving lately and my service speed has been almost doubled within the last year so i'm beginning to hate paying them $70 a month a bit less as time goes by.
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