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There finally was no line outside, didn't see any beanies, which i wanted, or flannel trousers or jackets tonight in soho.
Korea is so close to Japan, why not just take a trip?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Uniqlo designs everything based on fitting me. Haha, same here, i hope they don't change a thing.
Anyone know when bloomingdale's soho will get the rest of their stock? I want to get the cpo shirt and have a $50 gift card.
Quote: Originally Posted by jpo Strongly considering this as well. Probably in the indigo. Wondering is it soft or stiff?....uh the shirt/jacket that is Wearing it today, feeling kinda badass with it on. Its stiff new unwashed, I think it'll break in nicely after a few washes. Some EG and uniqlo shits. Some EG jackets, bedfords.
some shirts don't look good shortened too much, the bottom button comes too close to the bottom of the shirt. Uniqlo XS this season fit me very well, and they're cheap too.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce Short guys always get screwed. The only casual shirts that have the right length for me are BoO. The sleeves will always be too long too.
how big is that tweed brief case? any one seen it in person? Looks nice in pictures.
guess there is no ways to get one with 2" shorter sleeves.
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