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This is the one I recommend if you really feel you have to bring a steamer along: You can get slightly better prices on eBay if you're patient. Also, if you travel outside of the US, it doesn't work on 220 volt. Even though I have one, I rarely bring it along on trips since I usually travel with just carry-on luggage and would rather not give up the space for it.
If you mean that the seller "eats it on shipping" then correct. Have the seller either send you extra money to cover return shipping or send you a mailing label before you return the shoes.
I'm not a fan of those black shoes, but I'd suggest going with whatever makes you feel more comfortable, be it brown shoes with FC shirt or whatever. Unless your interviewer is a new styleforum member that's decided to adopt the SF CBD uniform, it won't make as much a difference as being able to carry yourself during the interview.
Were they advertised as "tried on"? Or did the seller provide clear pics showing it had been worn? If not, tell the seller you want to return with return shipping charges reimbursed. If they balk, don't waste your time and just file a dispute with ebay/paypal, and you'll end up getting the shoes for free. Nothing pisses me off more than abuse of the the "new without box" description.
I bought a carfax subscription and I'm trying to defray the cost. I can do searches by license plate only (if I close a deal tomorrow, I'll offer VIN searches). $5 for one search, $10 unlimited until my subscription runs out. I believe I have 3 weeks left. PM for more info.
I need a pair of prescription sunglasses, and I'm trying to decide between regular lenses with 90% solid tint or Transitions Xtraactive lenses...anyone have a comment/experience with the latter? I haven't found a place with demo xtraactive lenses to try out and I'd be buying them blind (haha). I like the idea of being somewhere like a boardwalk or an amusement park, and being able to walk indoors briefly without having to worry about switching glasses, but still have...
Set up an appt with Grez at Kings Avenue September
Okay, Arlee, indesertum, bandrus1: first person to PM with their shipping address gets the box. PM before 6pm ET, it ships today. Edit: enroute to indesertum
I've recently switched from AE to Magnanni as my shoe of choice. I don't think the leather is as high a quality, but they have a more contemporary aesthetic, extremely comfortable insole, and can always be found for under $200 in discounter stores like Off Fifth or Last Call.
Thanks AJB for meeting up. The package was much bigger than I was expecting (insert "that's what she said" joke here). Sampled a few I've always been curious about like C&S 88 (may have to get a bottle of it) and Knize Ten (blech!!!!). I should be done by the weekend, and Arlee, sending you PM.
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