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Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney If you're in Shanghai, there is only one: Tailor Dave. Great name. I'll give them a try for some odd trousers. Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Now that I think about it, I used them for alterations once as well ... they did a bloody good job. I do have an unfinished RTW dinner suit that needs reconstructive surgery to look and fit just right. If Dave can nail this,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Since Chan already has your pattern , why not tell them what you want by email ahead of your trip so they can fit you while you are in Hong Kong? You leave and they mail you a suit in a week or two. No need to go through all the first suit problems with a new tailor that way. Well, that would be too easy and far too brilliant. Way to kill the thread, Will. I'll use A-Man, if I can, just for CMT...
Mike and YFYF, thanks for the info. I talked with Ferdinand over at Chan HK and he said that the Shanghai location won't have access to my pattern, so we'd be essentially starting from scratch. Perhaps one day they'll go digital for patterns and post in-progress garments to other offices ahead of the customers' arrival so that we can accomplish multiple fittings while we're on tour. Sander, compliments are always on-topic
I have a relationship with W.W. Chan in HK, and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm headed for a tour of China in January: 3.5 days in Beijing. 3 days in Shanghai and 3.5 days in Hong Kong (no Chinese New Year overlap). Does anyone know of comparable tailors to Chan (in terms of quality and style) in Beijing or Shanghai that they can recommend to turn around a suit or odd jacket in the limited time I have there? Also, is 3-4 days too few to get something good out of...
To keep this thread legit, I'll start with a question that I'd actually like answered: do any of you wax polish your leather briefcases? Results? I have an Swaine Adeney number in bridle leather that's losing its luster. I'd like to venture beyond regular conditioning. This got me thinking... what leather products do you wax other than shoes? Anyone out there take it to belts, watchbands, etc.? All other waxing at your own discretion.
2 three-piece suits 1 two-piece 1 odd jacket 3 in queue All on tour, over the past year.
Ralph Lauren by Crockett & Jones from many years back. They recently have done a nice job of reviving this style: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...entPage=family
is that the drape?
On. Because braces are underwear and because Will says so: http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/...g-dressed.html
I quit my last job, started my own company, wear what I want now, and deal with many of the same people, who incidentally think I look better for it. I work in high-tech, where pants are optional. If it's a good suit and you play it down, you can minimize the pretentious douchebag vibe. Suits look better. If you need to show that you're not a prissy suit-wearing pussy, try switching it up so that people see that you can wear different hats; it gives you occasion to...
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