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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson B/c people don't like to see cloudy "gunk" in their drinks, they think that it makes it unsafe and dirty to drink, so they'll go for the flavorless, yet clear, filtered variety every day. +1 Like olive oil, beer, honey and even wine-it's not as easy to market when people are used to expecting things to be of a certain color or clarity. That's one of the reasons that all sorts of consumer liquids come...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Shoes you can get custom. I have Rocket 7s for cycling...and I do not have but have heard great things about Limmer for hiking and mountaineering. Beyond also does custom features and measurements for sporting outerwear...and the price is pretty reasonable. - B Great links. Thanks.
This is nice:
All of my specialty sports apparel is RTW. Most of the jackets fit horribly. If anyone knows of a company that will do bespoke mountaineering/ski/cycling/climbing apparel, I'm all ears. I wonder if any tailors are equipped to work with 3-ply Gore-Tex, including the seam taping.
Never been. I might line it up on the docket for my HK trip in February. If not 3-star worthy, is it still worth going (sans expense account)?
For all you bespeakers of clothing. Why, if ever, do you buy ready-to-wear?
I wouldn't get it quarter-lined. gusvs, is that 885500? If so, I commissioned a jacket in that same fabric and almost the exact same style. I requested that it be half-lined. I tried on the basted model a few weeks ago (without the lining yet put in). It is rather scratchy, and it wasn't much fun to get in and out of without the lining (especially in the sleeves). That said, I get a relatively slim cut on my jackets.
Was he also wearing Thom Browne?
Well, would you? Do your sartorial predilections affect your work decisions?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJmanbearpig There is no bespoke worth getting in San Francisco. +1. You'd probably have to catch someone reputable on tour. That said, MTM is far easier to find..
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