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Oliver Peoples makes a less severe aviator (Aero 57) that avoids looking douchey.
[quote=RJman;1992495]These? I'll admit that I almost ran out to Kenneth Cole when I saw those.
It could be their default treatment. All of my Chan jackets, which were accumulated over the past two years, have the buttons sewn on through the lining.
I'm happy for them, but I'm amazed. 4M is a lot of money to throw into a shirt company right now.
Nice jacket. I'd rotate the sleeves forward to kill that ripple.
Agreed, looks pretty good for a first go. Can't tell from the pictures, but that extra volume in the sleeves near the chest might be caused by low-cut armholes. Not something that can be altered on this garment, but if they are a bit low, you might want to request them cut higher in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent Didn't know there was a new one. Not too obvious, but it's the addition of pick stitching along the shoulder seam where it joins the sleeve. It's a recent predilection of his, present only on the jackets that I took delivery of in Feb.
Marvelous. Do you subscribe to Patrick's new sleevehead treatment?
I like the look. I have one in a mohair blend (slightly shiny) that is a shade or two lighter than the first image you posted. It's used for more casual days, but it ultimately depends on your office. I find the coloring more versatile than navy when the pieces are worn separately.
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