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Quality will depend on the manufacturer. In general, Damascus can be aesthetically pleasing, but can also rust.
Good buy, but what on earth is the "boning" referred to in the product info?
Teflon and Hammer pants.
All my shirts from MyTailor are from Thomas Mason or Monty Prince fabric and they compare well to my RLPL shirts (perhaps a touch drier). Joe is attentive and the product is consistently good, but the tax + airmail + duty amounts to a >15% upcharge in addition to the shirt price, which annoys me, if not dissuades me from ordering more often.
Everything about that suit is clean. Perhaps at the risk of looking too.. delicate. Not really loving the quarters either.
Fleece. I consistently reach for Patagonia/Mountain Hardwear kit when I'm lazy.
I recommend dry cleaning. I have a few pairs of RLPL cotton pants. I hand washed and air dried one of them. It shrunk slightly and the texture/drape hasn't quite been the same since.
Jobs used to rock the bow tie and DB pretty well.
Chest looks a bit tight. Sleeves could be rotated back. There's ripple action on the back under the collar. Vents seem to be pulling slightly.
I have it in green. It's perfect for Autumn/Winter days in San Francisco. The relatively boxy cut begets layering. I chose to size down. The arms are articulated, so it doesn't feel like a straight jacket even when you wear it snug.
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