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I intend to get a set for my next trip so that they will look like an expensive tetris game falling into the baggage carousel.
Link $300 Yes?
It looks good on women.
You'd need a valet to carry that around for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by moontime I can use a clear polish on crocodile skin? I was told by my local cobbler to just use leather conditioner made by Cadillac company.. Tried it and it actually made the leather look duller than before. What oils or other products do you suggest I try applying? Thanks for all the help and info by the way. I've used Cadillac conditioner on alligator. It causes some hazing if you don't buff away the residue...
Brooks Brothers sack suit in navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by macaroni Bespoke, with 3 fittings in process. For the next time, I'd ask them to clean up the back, around the waist. I don't think it's an effect of the waist being too tight, but there is some crumpling (or divoting) back there that can easily be fixed. This is most evident in pictures 5 and 6. If you changed your posture or pulled down on the jacket's tails, the curve would be much smoother around the small of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor Great picture.
Yes. Getting it to match is another matter.
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