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good question
Thanks, all, for your input. Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot One reason I like scotch grain is that it can take a beating and it doens't seem like one needs to take as good care of it. That being said, I think standard conditioners and waxes wil do just fine. Thanks. I agree with the appeal; I played a few rounds of muddy golf in one pair and after a wipe down they look almost new.
Are there any special considerations for scotch grain-specific shoe care? I assume that conditioners, cremes and waxes will work just as they do for calf. Am I wrong?
I like this one by April in Paris.
Birdseye. Usually in grey.
If the Lobbs were marked according to English sizing, that might help explain it. I find too that Lobbs are normally roomier through the toe box and instep than most of my other shoes.
LL gun club?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 You could land an aircraft on these And if you overshot the landing, you could still ride the elevated collar around to the other side.
What questions do you have? Grosgrain waist coats are uncommon in ready-to-wear. Brooks Brothers may carry it, or they could point you into the right direction. Another option is a rental company who might sell or order you one; or, naturally, rent it to you when you have need of it. I have a RTW dinner jacket with grosgrain-faced lapels, and I didn't look around for a grosgrain waistcoat (mine is brocade) because the likelihood of finding one with a matching...
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