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Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon Possible to get measurements? Sole is approximately 11.75" heel to toe, by 4" at the widest. Inside length is about 11.5". Note: the U-last is a little pointier at the toe than most.
(SOLD) Nice pair of Vash worn lightly 2-3 times. Had taps on the toes briefly, but removed, hence light nail marks. Nothing out of the ordinary, but know your sizing on the U-last. I generally take an 8.5 narrow in US sizing and these were a little roomy in the vamp; would probably suit someone between 8.5 and 9. First photo is a profile from when they were new. The last two show the current condition. They come with the original box and the lasted trees.
I have no experience with Hartmann, but regarding duffles, L&C uses a thicker leather than GD with pronounced "graining." GD likely would be more accommodating to customizing a standard model. Materials aside, workmanship on L&C and GD are comparable, but with a slight tip to GD for edge finishing. Customer service from both is outstanding. Visually, they are vastly different products, and that should have the greatest influence on your decision.
Yao's workmanship isn't comparable to Chan's in my limited experience. Chan's is arguably superior. Yao is also relatively inflexible in terms of style; that is, he has his notion of what looks good and will try to persuade you to agree. That said, I think the "house style" is generally attractive, but if choosing Yao, you should make sure ahead of time that your general tastes align with his.
Thanks Andre. That looks more normal than I would have thought and probably even more discreet in person.
I considered commissioning a jacket with a little belly on the notch lapels, but thought the better of it when I couldn't even picture what that would look like. Anyone own something like this? Pictures?
Fairly certain they are not, as grain is present where normally there would be smooth scale.
Black & Decker Classic (F67E)
Last I heard, the date was pushed out, but I'd PM Will or inquire on the ASW affiliate thread for an update.
White or grey flannels. Or whatever you'd wear with with a fall/winter blazer.
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