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I'm always reading, I've been busy lately. You should get one and then we do the madness homage in paris, so far we are 3
they only had the look 37 gaba ones when I was in melb in summer/erh winter lol, and they were size 3 and the longest iteration so far. I bought look 10's...benesyed: you sure you like yohji's clothing? kind of joking, but you seem to dislike signature features of his work. And although it looks good on you, the way you wear things might be closer to other aesthetics and easier to achieve using other designer garments. For example, yohji's pants are either super fitted and...
everything is jet black, but I added some contrast so yo can actually see something, via old school iphone aw04 zip suit, 100 wool gab ribbed asymmetric heavy knit from YYPH The Men part two, cuffs unrolled so they go way beyond my fingertips, with a black muji tanktop underneath aw09 brushed wool hat "don't mess with me" Paul Harnden boots
+1. that all black look will be mine too...
most of those "rules" you see here are intended to take away some assumptions coming from traditional labels, he offers a very particular approach. It took me a while to understand it indeed. Of course I have a precise idea of how I prefer to style it, i have it with other brands can wear everything sized down and tailor everything to some standard, but what would be the point then? I would buy elsewhere. It's like taking the fatty parts out of my bacon, because...
that's up to you, check aw09 to see what I mean, yyph is not exactly about rules
^'s about time! One of those zip blazers is coming my way
ss07, with the code alone that was the best i could do edit: killer page btw..
be aware that jersey ones will lose the pleats and the fabric is quite delicate. Keep in mind that they were 39k yen retail, 30k is not such a bargain
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