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the fabric is not the same as my overalls btw, i have to tell snafu
none of those items is a fake, seriously. I don't have time but i can even tell you season and all are runway pieces. Even that "fake" item that showed up before seemed genuine to me. There is no fake YYPH, nor hype about the brand. Only hype is what we created on Y! and ebay a bunch of people here and there. about the spelling, there are always faulty batches I guess. Even a ss09 suit had PDH instead of PHD embroidered in every unit of that piece-
there is not much gabardine in the runaway, retail is 1000 euros aprox for the wrap pants (good price tbh) I think the shorter version with no cuffs is the sleeper this season. the flap in the picture is part of the jacket btw, nice piece and the cut is very small...i need a sz 4, watch out this season (cuts are small!) on a side note I'm putting for sale a lot of things, check sz. All really good items, I'm just gravitating towards only gabardine + little details (new...
do you mean silent bob feel rigth?
cleaning time: aw09 hooded robe/coat/kimono ss08 hybrid/vestshirtjacket aw03 y's suit, runway
buy doc's instead.
congrats Ivwri!!!!!
indeed,i'm after something similar btw,
i have 3 pairs of those legwarmers, very long ... ribbed knit (got them for peanuts, retail was 270 euros) I was going to bid for those silk SHORTS, they are not hakamas, I have the snake print ones already. Seriously, they are more glorified undergarments/loungewear than hakamas. I think the price was still fair, but I decided against it last minute, It's funny the a monster we have created, some months ago those would have gone for 1/3rd of the price...or less! I'm...
they are quite long, i'm 1,76 and that was a size 3, well...with the boots + insoles I'm probably 1.80
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