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and it was bought from rakuten for peanuts, it's not a secret that rex is being capitalizing all the effort made by some people e.g. the code list that asobu and me created some time ago, scanning old magazines etc, back in the day rex wasn't selling that much yohji compared to nowadays and his prices were much cheaper, thanks to the code list he could add runway pictures and upgrade his business and yet he won't tell you the truth. He's bidding on everything on yahoo and...
dear valter, don't get why you have to quote the price, I think is actually quite rude, it's not like you paid 100k yen for the 90's stuff you are listing usually but I don't say kiko saying anything, Anyway, he got it from ebay as he said.
speaking of SZ, I added some stuff to my sale thread,
^it was a guy who bought one suit from me, the name matches with an SZ screen name, he even picked the wrong fabric,,, there was a proper fit pic of the suit + HELLO runway pics???? we all now how much we like our garments to be recognized in the runway (myself less and less though)
who is the MOTHERFUCKER USING MY PICTURE on ebay? is not even the described item to begin with, I will hunt you down you fucking bastard, I already asked you to take it down from ebay and reported it. I'm going to buy the item get your address and send a friend to have a word with you piece of shit. sorry guys, but this is not tolerable,
EM are amazing, best of the best
ss00 aw04 ss11 aw09
ss12 gaba coat + ss00 rayon suit, the plaid fabric is painted with black tint in the outer layer, fully reversible.
aw11 i think kiko, that suit rocks. I've seen quite a lot of sz 1's in y!, yohji wears some sz 3 garments ( I said that)
i've added some ss07 suspender pants in 100 gabardine, + ss04 gabardine coat it would make a fantastic set up (would work in a better price if you get both) also still up for grabs aw08 silk tweed suit, i could ebay this and get a decent amount of money but hate the site. very excited about the perfume, it sounds like the kind of scents i dig...
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