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those are mainline, aw06, basically football shoes, i will laugh my ass off if i see someone wearing them in the street but not because of the design but because it would be the same to wear ice skates with funny prints.
with the hakama's was also them becoming a trend somehow. Hats...i mean, I look at that picture of mister timberlake and I can't feel regret.
LOL not wearing hats anymore though. my beautiful swedish fiancee set up the idea in my mind of them being related to justin timberlake and she's better than the crew from Origin.
i'd be happy if you don't use my fit pics, also you could have asked first. Please remove it here and even more on SZ...a forum I don't want anything to do with.
sadly yy shoes are rubbish, my aw09 1250 $ frankestein sneakers fell apart in 5 days loads of glue chez yy...only thing worth buying are his collabs with other brands, but then i feel like a shithead paying so much for docs with a zipper. those bots are from the 90's, and you should ask for a refund, that sole will never stay in place.
i'm with kiko here, the colorful looks are the meat in this pie. the knits are indeed gorgeous. i could totally relate this with junya watanabe's last sporstwear inpired collection (underrated collection big time)
i wish i was wearing this, fucking heat wave!!!! but I'm planning to sell this grey silk tweed suit from aw08, sz3 but fits true to size I'd say. I just don't wear since I'm too loyal to black nowadays. Sick piece with insane retail even for nowadays standards. Hit me on PM with offers. I will ebay it soon.
anji timu, that's a respectable seller.
Well, 8 years ago, I just jumped into fashion forums trying to show how good yohji was, it was pretty hilarious how people regarded his work back then. My only intention was paying my respects to his work. Also I met some of my best friends because of this, and to be honest that's the best collateral damage ever.I'm not against reselling per se, fashion is just products after all. But we compilated that code list just to be able to find items from old collections, matching...
don't defend rex, he's just taking advantage of our passion, and is all good that he's passionate himself about it. But lately he's just being faster than anyone. And he never contributed shit btw, except when he posted his items for sale on SZ atchive with sz's and all....LAME
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