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that's a t-shirt,
capes are way nicer than the ones he did recently for pour homme, those were impossible to wear without looking like Van Helsing.
thank you david , on the other side I'm no warrior and no better man but you are definitely a scumfuck mr H and a massive hypocrite, lets disclose this:- you got some shit from who know where,-you register on SF, because is one of the top search results when you google yohji yamamoto- you start asking questions in order to make the biggest profit of what you got, clothing that you don't give a fuck about.-your pool of potential buyers happen to be in this forum, basically...
fuck off
is this becoming a trend? people coming here to figure out how much they should ask US for something. Hutch, go fist yourself
bla bla bla, be honorable and do the research yourself like rex aka comma comma. It is very funny that you are asking for info to the very same target group you are aiming to.
so you can't wear it in a business casual office environment, why exactly are you into a brand that the designer himself labelled for outsiders? Why struggling with this brand?, oh maybe you just want to sell that. Don't worry someone will provide you with some literature and runway shots for your ad.
rex will still deny he buys from y! i might be very lousy, never managed to have wool gabardine stay in place for more than 5 minutes too bad because 98% of my pants are wool gabardine 100
^ Did you stitched the rolls? I can't make those fuckers stay in place when is 100 fabric...Hence I just crop lately if i want them shorter.
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