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LOL. It is threads such as this that leave me wondering if the miscreants over on devils island might just be on to something(!)? What say you? I just cannot believe I read the whole thing!
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin S. Sharma.
I needed a four year degree to get a commission in the USAF and head off to flight school. Picked up a BS in Criminology and later, while serving on an ICBM Combat Crew, picked up an MS in Correctional Services.
LOL. Oh come on...reading slightly less than a book a week is not that difficult a bar to clear. Simply turn off your TVs and spend that time reading. Sign off these pesky Internet clothing fora and step away from your keyboards and your potential reading time increases exponentially! It will be good for your minds.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba this is a military haircut: +1. Close to perfect!
LOL. The thing you must do now is...lose the other one. Your feet will match again and you won't look quite so silly, walking down the street!
AE's Leeds, in black calf, are very nice. I wore a pair for many years, during military service...more substantial than the issue oxfords and the better quality of leather took a spit-shine much more easily than the issued versions!
With a Very Merry Christmas recently behind us and a prosperous and Happy New Year ahead, could life get any better than this? My wish is for good health, adequate wealth and high hopes for all in the coming year!
Attended college on an AFROTC scholarship, picking up a degree in criminology and a Commission in the USAF in the process. After graduation, while waiting to go on active duty, I was offered a position as Chief of Police for a local town's, nine man police force. Entered active duty and served a bit more than 12 years, when I was presented with an opportunity to work in law enforcement on the civilian side of our Federal Govt. Transferred to the Air Force Reserve and...
Yesterday it was 5.4 miles but as for today, we'll have to wait and see! Lower back and left hip are killing me.
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