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San Francisco: I recently discovered a new little spot called Harlot's in Downtown S.F. It's got a pretty cool setup for chillin with friends. They've got an outdoor smoking section. It's a little small, but I like the vibe this place gives off. If you reserve a table here, it'll fell like its your own little personal club.
Drink some coffee
Kool thanks for the info. I'll be there when i check out some toy and tshirt manufacturers so i'll be sure to drop by.
You should take the picture in front of an office building or in front of a waterfall
I would get a size up instead of a size down. I can deal with shoes being a little bigger, but a little're asking for trouble. You'll be uncomfortable the whole time, and you may get blisters on your feet.
great ideas! good luck!
I'd have to agree with your wife on this I personally just don't like the shoes. But that's just one person's opinion. Can't you guys compromise? I'm sure you've let buy some crap you didn't like, but you let her do it just to make her happy. Right?
Good ol' San Francisco
Dam! too bad im at work and we dont' get myspace. i'll check it out at home later on. it's not the pink tights is it?
I think it looks pretty stylish.
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