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If I picked up every Zegna/Talbott/BB/etc tie I've seen, I would probably have >300 ties stuffed in a box; never to be seen again. I did pick up a Dunhill in a blue/light blue the other week. I don't need any more ties, but it was too nice to leave behind.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del WHat happened here ? This jacket was posted about two weeks ago...I remember because I almost pulled the trigger on it. Based on Ralph's new thread in the general forum, I suspect he sent a whiney bitch-ass email to rathebaindc.
Rebel: I've seen lots of IWC in Chinatown (s). Not accusing them of being fakes or anything. Although, you can usually tell within one second they're fake...just wanted to see if Jinda was yanking our cranks with an April Fools joke. That's really just an awesome find. Congrats.
^ Speechless. Authentic?
They're good for WAYWRN photos. Got to admit, they look great for 15 minutes in a controlled environment. I'm with you, white just doesn't work for me in the real world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Borrelli I feel this is fair because it is his choice not to keep them and get a partial refund or sell them himself and eat the paypal fee. In other words, you feel this is fair because, despite your mistake, you think the buyer should still shoulder partial cost of your error. You're a real stand-up guy. Good luck with future SF sales.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu It is when theres an 8 page thread about this shit. ...and you have more posts than anyone in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Insufficient effort. And you're trying to dump the burden of resolution (reselling) on the guy who got hoodwinked... +1. All of the proposed resolutions place the risk solely in the buyer's corner. Resell them? I'll reimburse you up to a specified dollar amount. You repost, repack, reship....I don't care if you lose money on the deal. Misrepresentation in the posting? Here's $50, take it or leave it.
It's unfortunate that all of the options offered by the seller leave the buyer at risk. The shoes were misrepresented (intentional or not). If I were the buyer, I wouldn't accept any of these offers and would demand a full refund; offering to drop ship to the new buyer since the seller is overseas. I've found every seller on this board to be of the highest standards; often going above and beyond what is expected. I don't feel Borrelli is upholding those standards.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander They look nice; a lot more attractive than on the website. It'd be great if you could post pics in natural light. Also, did you get the off-colored, discounted version? The whole time I was photo'ing those and uploading them, I kept thinking, "make sure you put in Ilford II or someone will nail you on it." Of course, I go and forget it and someone nails me on it. Yea, those are the Ilford II. They are...
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