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Never take advice from a guy who has a perfectly clean 'work outfit' or one whose horsehair brush was completely stained with product after just one shoe!
Damn, they'd probably fit my feet; not my budget. I have a pair of Hanover wingtip shells that are the most beautiful, aged leather I've ever seen in person. The richness is unlike any other I've seen in other brands. These are a gem. The buyer is going to love them.
My office is casual: jeans, some khakis (although the women tend to dress better). I wear different colored Inco style cotton pants like light grey, patterned pants, blues, etc., with brighter colored shirts and/or patterns, and brown/suede shoes. Cotton/Material D-ring belts. I'll throw on a sport jacket or sweater once in a while. I avoid dark trousers with blue shirts and black shoes as this is a) not my style b)viewed as being too 'stuffy' here. People...
You bought a brand of shoes you weren't familiar with off eBay and they don't fit properly? Strange.
Quote: Originally Posted by EvanK I dont think I could afford to sell my car for that ratty sweater. Thanks though! Then go to Goodwill; sweaters will be in better condition for <$5.
Took him 20 minutes to find you. Not bad, but needs some improvement.
Pretty much what the headline states. Looking for Inco's in grey made of either linen or linen/cotton. Must be flat front and tagged 52.
As long as the Pens don't face NJ, I like their [our] chances. I'm just hoping for a Pittsburgh-Washington rematch; even if you hate the teams (or the players on them), the games are always, always top-notch.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^Yeah, don't know why I can't move those, although I do have a nibble. Maybe I should donate them back. If they were 9's I would have bought them a while ago. Look great for running quick errands and the such.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I wear my camel hair in fall and winter and the cooler days of early spring. ^ what he said. I find that camel hair is rather warm and I just stored mine until fall rolls around.
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