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Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer thanks all, they are not AE Macneils but are similar styled Florsheim Imperials. I'm pretty sure they made this in black calf and in black shell though. Correct, both calf and shell. Those are great candidates for a 'before and after' shot. A little elbow grease and they'll be awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinbrownshakedown It's pretty standard practice to not tip for alcohol at a restaurant. So if your $150 meal was including a $60 bottle of wine, tip for $90. Quit being a cheap ass. You're downing a bottle of wine worth what the wait staff makes in a day; throw them a few extra bucks.
EDIT: Jacket no longer needed; I'll be posting belwo in B&S this week. I have two linen jackets (Polo and Henry Jacobson) around size 38 (marked S, but measure out to 38s) I'd also be willing to trade (I'll get pics up in the next few days) that are modern cut, patch pockets, dual vents, working cuffs, etc. They fit in the shoulders, but are too slim in the chest and arms. Please PM if you have anything of interest in the mean time. steve
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy you know whats even worse..."beating a dead horse" You can't exactly call it "dead" when you keep firing back. This is forum thread to discuss thrift finds...if you want everyone to heap praise on every find you've made, it's not going to happen; you have to accept that (and if you're wise, learn from the criticism). The shoes were ridden hard a put away wet, to stay with the equestrian theme. The market...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy in my opinion they were,since im the one holding them in my hand.dont you have something to flip on ebay? Flipping these on B&S is any different?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Those were definitely worn more than once...... Definitely eBay 'worn once!' condition. Three things that people can never estimate accurately: How many drinks they had last night, their body fat percentage, how many times shoes have been worn.
Not a thrift, but I've got a ~38 (tagged S) RL Polo linen jacket that I'd trade for a RL Polo (or similiar) in a size 40 ( or a M/or measures close to. I'm usually between a 40/42 depending on structure). Mine is modern with slim lapels, high notches, 3 button (though some roll), patch pockets (three), surgeon cuffs, and single vent. Awesome jacket, but just too much waist suppression for me. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll get some pics/measurements....
I'd rather pay the fee than revert back to mailing someone a check for an eBay win. Frankly, I'm surprised they even offer a fee-free option.
I consider NWOT=used by default. The only place I would trust a NWOT claim is a trusted seller on B&S.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Not to be a whiner, but it's now been almost 2.5 more weeks...and he still hasn't paid up... And now he hasn't responded to my emails... Anyone have any suggestions? It's now a principle thing, I've pretty much given up on the damned $140 already... Has the guy been on SF and still isn't responding to emails? Total dick-move. This forum actually does a pretty good job policing itself; I suspect...
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