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Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp A good day: Just awesome!!!
I have singles that elastic and I'm glad for it. Helps reduce pressure on the top of the foot and makes the shoe more comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinasity Well I had a great week for shoes! 2 pairs of Florshiem Wingtips one being cordovan, Hanover suede, cordwainer cordovan, E.T. Wright and some cool Toschi shoes with carbon fiber on the inside. Solid finds. They may not be EG's, but if those are all the same size/same donor, that's a pretty nice start to a shoe collection.
First up is a RL Polo 100% linen (100% viscose lined) sport coat. Perfect condition. Tagged small (check measurements, please!). Best color representation on close up of cuff. $70 -> $50 CONUS. three button patch pockets fully lined surgeon's cuffs center vented nice, modern cut Measurements: Chest: 20 Waist: 19 Shoulders: 18 BOC: 30.5 Sleeve: 25.5 Next is a Henry Jacobson. I wasn't able to find out too much about this maker, but it appears they are sold at a...
I haven't looked through this thread, yet, but the moment I saw that large TF shoe thread in the B&S I thought to myself, "would anyone buy these if they weren't marked TF?" If you put AE marks on those same shoes, people would have been bashing them left and right.
Did you even try them on? They're all cut differently and will fit differently; maybe good, maybe bad. An expensive suit that doesn't fit looks like shit, no matter how well constructed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Great story! What type of music was it, if you don't mind me asking? I'm really into psych/prog of the late 60's and early 70's. Finding that stuff on vinyl in a thrift is near impossible. It seems that everyone who has an orig. pressing knows what they have. Couple of thrifts around here have large bins of vinyl that overturn quite a bit (lots of elderly folks dying off 'round these parts). If I knew what...
I paid rebel222 on Monday afternoon and had my package Wednesday. Can't ask for anything more than that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith At one local thrift they are picking out the good stuff like Nautica, Hilfiger and Polo RL and putting them on a premium rack. One of our local thrifts does, too. Amazingly, they price it higher than what you could buy it at retail. Guess some people think they're getting a deal :\\
I put up a WTB ad and had a PM within an hour on a piece I immediately purchased. Grant it, it wasn't a lot of money, but still, I would have never seen the seller's ad without him contacting me. His asking price was fair and about what I wanted to spend, so I wasn't worried about putting myself in a bad position for negotiation. Not everyone on this board is hawking over a few dollars!
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