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Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Whaaaat?! Kiton? In Minnesota?! That's pure luck right there! Anyway, I'm out of my slump. Well, for a little bit anyway. My brother and his friend came thrifting with me today as they wanted to get some sweaters for fall/winter. Nice find! I hope those suits are your size! At least you know you'll be able to pull a nice profit and give someone some nice suits, if they aren't.
Broke a very long dry spell, although to be honest, I haven't been going as often as I would like. Happy everything I bought is in great condition and fits nicely into my wardrobe. Today's haul: RPL double breasted in a light gray flannel. Has some of the nicest horn buttons I've seen and the previous owner even brought in the waist a few inches for me. Something I would never be willing to spend much money on because it's a bit flashy for work. RPL dark grey 2-button...
Quote: Originally Posted by hdave Its hard for me to find off the rack suits that fit well, mainly because they always have boxy shoulders and my shoulders slope a lot, plus they have boxy waists. What is RTW by the way? . Ready to Wear (off the rack). I have similar shoulder structure and know your pain with most RTW brands (not to mention, budget constraints). If this MTM doesn't work out for you, look for a brand that has very...
Payment sent on: 2 3 4 9 13 22 28 30 33 34
I have the equivalent Florsheim Imperial boots and I will attest the leather is very high quality. Someone should jump on these; they're comfortable, look great, and are well constructed.
[quote=tsaltzma;3202324]Sure. They are the scotch grain, and they need a little TLC - there is some scuffing, fading, and the leather is very thirsty, but very little physical damage to the leather. For the price(6.99), and the fact they are my size, i'm not complaining. Those are a great find. They're going to have a fantastic character after you've worked some magic on them. I know I'm in the minority here, but I still prefer my shoes to look well cared for, but...
I'm glad you're not a carpenter. You should be laying the garment carefully and neatly on a hard surface and then actually using the tape properly (in the first photo, you've started the 'measurement at 3/8", not to mention the undulations). With that said, based on that second picture, I don't see this coat ever measuring out to a 17.5; 18.5 maybe, but probably not much less than that. I think accuracy to about 1/2" is all we can/should expect from members; clothes just...
Sleek lasts look silly on me; I prefer "blobby" styles to keep me in balance.
Great, I love these types of shoes and still think they're the best looking shoes out there. Thanks for the post!
Drops. I also received a PM that my pics weren't showing. They appear fine to me; so if you're interested and can't see the pictures, please PM me and I email you a few.
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