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Recently purchased from cchen, tonylumpkin, and philosophe. All very smooth transactions with exceptionally fast shipping.
Been using one for 10+ years and have never had a problem. Wouldn't go back to any other style of wallet. Just be careful with paper magnetic tickets (parking tickets) has zapped those on me.
PM sent...knowing my luck, for the same pairs holymadness just took....
Everything sold (or pending) in order I received PMs.
ALL SOLD Glad I could give a little back to a forum I have learned so much from. I picked up these Lorenzini shirts from Marshall's. The original tags (RL?) have been removed and replaced...I couldn't get a close up with my camera. They are new, but do not have paper tags. MOP buttons. I have the following sizes: (I'm at work, but can provide measurements, if necessary, tonight) (1) 15/38 SOLD Pending Measurement (1) 15.5/39 SOLD (2) 16.5/42 Both Sold $40 shipped...
Interested in the Theory jacket if you can provide measurements.
Just getting my post count to two.
I can't PM because of my post count, but please PM me for the five shirts in 6, 7, 8.
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