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Great pair of double-soled (orginal sole in fantastic condition) Sheppard Signatures. All leather insole. The toe of the left shoe has some small marks I don't know how to describe. Not noticeable from more than a few feet away, but about half a dozen small marks/pin pricks. Only on the very outer of leather. Please note that these are a combination C/A (which is why I am reselling). They do fit slightly snugger than the D widths in the the Florsheim Imperials/Sheppards.
ATitle pretty much says it all about these shoes. If you have any questions, please let me know, but I think we all know about these. Very good condition with the exception of a tear in the lining of the tongue lining and some discoloration on the left shoe. Please see pictures. The leather is in awesome condition and after some polish would really shine.
Feels like there is about 1.5-1.75 inches of linen. I'm no tailor, but I think you'd be able to get another inch out of them.
I was just guessing on the size based on the chest measurement. Perhaps this was designed to be worn looser because I agree the other measurements indicate a smaller size. Perhaps I should have sized this as a 40ish, instead. I can't be positive if this was ever altered, but I don't see any signs of it on the material.
AAAnother pair of size 52 Mabitex's. These have a great texture almost like canvas, but are quite soft. All the details we know. Factory hemmed Waist: 18 Rise: 9 Thigh: 11 Opening: 7.5
AAI just can't pull this one off at my conservative office. Title pretty much says it all. This would be an awesome suit this fall. Features: 6-2 Peak lapels (5.25 at their widest) Not vented Pants are double pleated, cuffed. Chest: 21 Waist: 19.25 Shoulders: 19 Sleeve: 25.5 BOC: 30.5 Waist: 16.75 Rise: 11.75 Thigh: 12 Opening: 9.25 Inseam: 31.75
AAAANice pair of casual Mabi's. Contrast white stitching. These have a factory hem. All the details we know from Mabitex, but in a unique pattern. Waist: 18 Rise: 11 Thigh: 12 Opening: 8.5 Inseam: 36.75 CONUS EDIT: Added inseam
Very unique jacket....just hasn't made it into my wardrobe. Pretty awesome casual summer jacket. Features: Absolutely no lining 2 Button Single Vent Houndstooth-like pattern Closeup shows best color Needs a good pressing (even though it is "guaranteed to wrinkle" Chest: 22 Shoulders: 17 Sleeve 23.5 BOC: 30.75 Shipped CONUS.
100% Caoutchouc Sole Goodyear welt Perfect Condition These are fantastic casual/travel shoes...just too small for me no matter how much I wish them otherwise. Price CONUS.
WT Brown twill pattern. Factory Hem. These are the standard Mabitex's we all know Waist: 16.5 Rise: 9.75 Thigh: 10.75 Opening: 8
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