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Quote: Originally Posted by e92m3 I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has a penchant for doing this. Sounds like what I do with tweed jackets. My wife insists I have five of the same jacket; I insist they are clearly distinct pieces. I don't know who's right, anymore :\\
Unfortunately, the leather of these shoes is so poor, it's going to crease with minimal wear. It's also probably coated with a shellac of chemicals to make it look even and shiney. Not much you can do besides removing the dirt. I wouldn't worry much about polishing, as it will only exaggerate the creasing. Wear them until you don't like the looks anymore, and then look into saving up for a higher quality pair of shoes come interview time.
Quote: Originally Posted by cchoi5 Just curious has anyone dealt with walneal? Having communication problems with him, sent multiple messages with no response Walneal is overseas (Hong Kong, if I recall). Communication wasn't lightning fast, but he's also not sitting at his East Coast computer all day, either. He's a good guy, I'm sure he'll respond as soon as he can.
+1 on the above comments. If you are comfortable and always wear clothes in Style X, a first date is not the time to explore Style Y. Of course, a date is a great excuse to update your Style X clothes.
There is always interest in these; especially this time of year for lighterweight fabrics.
Found a pair of vintage Nettletons with orginal soles and only minor bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, these are size 7, but given my recent dry-spell, I have to consider this a win.
Price drop on the Santoni's.
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude So these are essentially a 9.5 US? The most popular fitting suggestion is to size down half a size (from dress shoes...not sure about all the sneakers people wear). But, I've also seen people saying to go down a full size, or not at all. I wear a 9.5 in dress shoes and these fit well. It all boils down to how you like your boots to fit. Some like extra room for thick socks, some prefer them to fit similar...
Edge dressing or ink. Any shoe store will have it in black and brown.
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