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Never-even-tried-on pair of Mephisto dirty bucks. Not the most elegant of lasts, but great since I don't care for sleek toe boxes and damn if these aren't about the most comfortable shoes from the first wear. Perfect for the summer, especially when I'm traveling and need to walk distances. Pickings are slim out there, but these made my month.
Betrayal at Krondor. One of the first games that allowed flexibility in completion. The combat system was balanced, the world explorable (within some chapter segregration), and the storyline was epic for the time; not just a hack and slash, but an epic adventure. The soundtrack/musical score is still one of the best. As for more recent, the Total War series (notably Rome) is hard to beat for a completely engaging experience.
Nothing like a bunch of guys making six figures telling college kids living off of loans that their beer is shitty and they need to upgrade. A five dollar difference in price for a case is a big deal; let alone doubling or tripling the cost. We drank what someone bought or what was on special. Not like you can even read the label a few hours into the party, let alone notice a difference in taste. Light beer; dark beer; micro brew; doesn't matter as long as you weren't...
Looks just as good as what a cobbler would do, plus the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Good job and thanks for posting. PS I wouldn't worry about rounding the edge with a Dremel. The edges will round on their own after a little bit of walking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coburn So, why is corrected grain regarded as a mark of poor quality? Does the this plastic coat wear off with use? Does is degrade cosmetically? I have shoes that are corrected grain and they seem to retain water stains easily. But, this is counter intuitive. If they have a plastic coating, they should be more water resistant. CG doesn't age gracefully. It creases, cracks, and looks worse over time...
Price is too high, for me. I've picked up my cotton and cotton/linens for <$65. Frankly, I don't think they're worth what you'd be asking.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Must be a SF member as the seller. Must be. It is. They've been posted on this forum; can't remember which thread, though.
The few pairs I've ever seen in black looked terrible. Leave the black for a dressier boot. Then again, I wear black shoes about 10 times a year, so I'm likely a bit biased.
I really like the single pocket look.
Versatile enough that I've been looking for a nice light grey SC in a light weight material with soft shoulders for several years. It would complete my sport coat collection (for as often as I wear them). I also wear navy colored pants (gasp!) on occasion, so take my advice with caution.
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