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Found two pocketsquares. Hand-rolled and a very vibrant, substantial silk. They are divided into quandrants, each with the same pattern but different color patters. For a guy like me with very few PS's, these are just awesome for quickly gaining a lot of different looks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Borrelli I bought these shoes here myself from a reputable seller (Ich_dien), who also let me use his original pictures, which are way better than my photography skills would allow. I have no reason to believe they are not Gaziano & Girling. I have even been in contact with Dean Girling about the shoe polish to use and sent some of these pictures to him to ask about the colour. Alas, they did not fit me and I sold them on (at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Man, it seems like everyday prices are getting more and more expensive around here. Over the weekend I saw a very dated Lauren, Ralph Lauren suit for $179.99 at a thrift.
You could also try a pair of Tacco heel-slippage pads. They adhere to the back and will likely be enough to stop heel slippage until you break in your shoes.
Have you contacted Sperry to see if they make a 6.75?
Thrift find. Never worn: Herring Shoes Ilford chukkas (darker brown IRL):
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del These arrived today. What's up with all the water spots?
Also remember that if you buy a decent pair of conservative black shoes (read, absolutely no square toes) you can then have a pair suitable for future weddings, funerals, interviews, Holiday parties, etc, etc. We've all made the mistake (well, most of us) of buying cheap, ugly shoes because we thought they looked 'cool' of 'fashionable.' And, to a person, we all recognize the error of our ways and were seemingly buying new shoes for every new event. Oh, if you have a...
(Just listed, but worth a watch) NOS Florsheim Imperial plain toe blucher. 9 C. Brown. V-cleat, double soles, yada, yada... EDIT: Even better (same seller) NOS Nettleton Wingtips 9 C/A
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 If they don't fit right, sell them. You can use the money you earned to buy some new pairs that fit. Agreed. 9.5D are a pretty desirable size and AE are a known shoe and you won't have much 'tire-kicking' and ridiculous questions. As long as you're not asking premium dollar, they'll turn around quickly and painlessly.
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