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Peal & Co for Brooks Brothers Men's 9.5 Suede Plain Toe Boots (Alfred Sargent) No bids: $90 ending tonight around 8 EST.
Please delete! My bad for posting in the wrong forum!
Can anyone comment on the fit of this last? TTS?
Hard to believe this is still around. Someone should grab this for casual days.
Why the stitching across the vamp? Just aesthetics or does it serve a functional purpose?
RL Navy Linen Suit 42R great BIN Caution! Shipping to US: $271.72
Nice summer suit that just doesn't get worn in my more conservative environment. Please note the slubbing of material in the rear pocket. Oxxford quality at a beater price. I need the closet space. Pants are flat front and unlined. Jacket is only quarter lined, single vented and great for summer. Super 100's. Chest: 22 Shoulder: 18.5 BOC: 30 Sleeve: 24.75 Waist: 17.5 Rise: 12 Inseam: 29.25 with 2" under. 65->45...probably last cut before I eBay it or donate.
*Last bump before eBay where these are selling for a much higher price* Worn for a grand total of 1.5 hours. Great patch pockets Darted front Completely unstructured 100% viscose lining Single vent Slim fit with high arm holes and slimmer sleeves Chest: 21 Shoulders: 18 BOC: 31 Sleeve: 25 07.09.12 - This is available again after a return due to a fit issue. Please note this is the new PRL fit that is much slimmer than those a few years ago.
Worn for a grand total of 1.5 hours. This is the current model you can find here for $295:
*Last call before eBay.* Just like the title says. If you have a pair of High Comforts (97% cotton/3% elastane) you know how great these pants are. If you haven't tried them, they are worlds better than the standard 100% cotton Inco's. More substantial feeling and fit much nicer. All the features of Inco's, with the addition of buttonless flap rear pockets that make these slightly unique. Great slim fit. Some tags removed. Price is CONUS. Will ship abroad on your cost...
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